What are Facial Aesthetics Treatments?

What are Facial Aesthetics Treatments?

Facial Aesthetics treatments are non-surgical procedures used on the face to enhance the appearance. Some people might think that this is really only for celebrities, but in reality, many people opt to have some gentle treatments to help combat the ravages of age or sun damage.

As we age, we are subject to a loss of face volume as well as the forces of gravity which causes us to get loose skin and saggy jowls. Our skin will also show wrinkling which might be caused by frowning too much.

When people come to see me, their main issues are that they would like to look less saggy, less tired or less angry. They might also have rough or blotchy skin which concerns them. We can offer a range of treatments carefully suited to the individual which are generally designed to do one of five things.

Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles

To reduce the appearance of wrinkles we need to determine what the cause of the wrinkles are. If they are caused by muscle action such as frowning, then botulinium toxin such as botox can be used to paralyse the muscles which are overacting. If the wrinkles are caused by volume loss we would use filler and if it is due to a lack of skin tone then Profhilo is the answer.

Provide lift where the skin has gone saggy

In order to provide lift where the skin has started to sag, we would need to use fillers in strategic areas to provide lift. This is commonly used in the cheek area which lifts the nose to mouth lines and the jowls. We can also use filler along the jaw line to help lift the jowls.

Provide volume where the person has lost this over time

Where there has been volume loss, we can use the right type of filler to replace that volume. Common areas that lose volume are the lips and cheeks. In cheeks we would usually want lift as well so the filler will be placed at a few strategic sites to enhance lift and volume. For lips we use a softer filler as no lift is required.

Improve skin tone and brightness

To improve skin tone and brightness we use Profhilo. This is a newer treatment which is often referred to as injectable moisturiser. It helps the skin to retain moisture and thus makes it look more radiant and reduces some of the very fine lines.

Reduce the appearance of spots and blemishes

If you suffer from spots and blemishes, diet should be addressed first. You need to ensure that you are getting sufficient water and reduce your consumption of sugar, alcohol and junk food. We might recommend a visit to a dermatologist if we see that you have an underlying medical condition causing your problem.

Provided you are generally healthy and we can determine no medical issues, we can provide treatments to improve the surface of your skin. To improve your skin we can use a peel or series of peels to remove the dead layers of skin encouraging your skin to produce new collagen and reducing the appearance of acne scarring. Dermaroller can also be used.

So Facial Aesthetics is treatment to improve the appearance of the face and can cover a number of different procedures depending on your skin type and concerns. Dr Teresa offers a free initial consultation where she will assess your needs and advise how we can achieve the best result for you.

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