aesthetic facial treatments

M/F Frown Lines (Botox)

M/F Temple Lift (Juvederm Voluma)

F Brow Lift (Botox)

M/F Crows Feet (Botox)

M/F Cheek Lift (Juvederm Voluma)

M/F Chin & Jaw Reshape (Juvaderm Volux)

M/F Neck Lines (Profhilo)

M/F Dimpled Chin (Juvederm Voluma, Volux or Viscoderm)

M/F Above Lip Lines (Viscoderm)

M/F Fine Lines (Skin Laxity Profhilo)

M/F Tear Trough (Juvederm Volbella)

M/F Nose Reshape (Juvederm Voluma)

M/F Horizontal Forehead Lines (Botox or Viscoderm)

F Lip Enhance (Juvederm Volift)

Dr Teresa Facial Aesthetics

Services Overview

At Dr Teresa Facial Aesthetics, I provide a range of facial rejuvenation treatments designed to reduce the signs of ageing and give your face a natural, youthful glow. You can have just one treatment if you have a specific problem area, or you can choose a selection to create your ideal facial look. I only use safe, tested and gentle methods to help alter the appearance of your face

My Services Include:

Free Consultation

I also offer a free, no obligation online consultation, which can help you understand all the different options and choose the right treatment for your body and your skin. All of my services can be performed in my 3 clinics. To find out more about each service, just click the links above, or get in touch with me to arrange your free consultation.