Dr. Teresa

Lip Enhancement

Not everyone is blessed with the full, rich looking lips we see in Hollywood film stars. And the truth is, most of them don’t have them either! They achieve that plump pout with lip fillers – a simple and painless procedure that can improve the shape and volume of your lips.

Even if you had a full-lipped smile in your youth, you may have noticed it starting to lose volume and change shape as you age. Lip fillers are a popular way to restore or add volume, and subtly change the shape of your lips. Using a substance called hyaluronic acid (which is naturally found in your body and is what draws moisture to your skin), I can help enhance what nature gave you, and create a perfectly plump pout to be proud of. I can also use the hyaluronic acid to make subtle changes to the shape of your lips. For example, I can add some extra to accentuate your cupids bow, or to even up the appearance of your lips if needed.

How Do Lip Enhancements Work?

Lip enhancement treatments are quick (around 30 minutes) and usually painless thanks to a local anaesthetic. Once you’re numb, I will inject the hyaluronic acid into your lips in several areas using a small syringe. This gives the fullest cover and maximum control over the results, which means you can achieve that perfect smile. You might find that your lips are slightly swollen right after the treatment, but this will go down within 24 hours and leave you with your new, full-lipped look. These changes might seem small, but they can make a huge difference to your confidence, and will ensure that lipstick always looks fantastic on you (even super-drying matte formulas). Lip enhancements can last for up to six months, when the hyaluronic acid is absorbed back into your body.

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